How to cleanse your soul in just 4 days

Music festivals in America and all throughout the world are taking off with a fiery passion.  Wether it be to see your favorite musician or band, get new social media material, or just to express yourself, there popularity is unmatched by anything else.

Bonnaroo is a 4 days festival in the middle of no where Tennessee where people of all different shapes and sizes come together to listen to the music and to share the vibes.  One of the aspects that make it so special is that it once your in Bonnaroo you don’t leave until the last note is sung.  This quality helps make the Bonnaroo atmosphere a loving one because everyone knows they’re here together, going through the same conditions and temporary hardships as everyone else.  Wether it be the relentless heat, the grotesque port-a-porties, or the dehydration everyone is in it together :)

“Don’t be that guy/girl” is Bonnaroos slogan and it surprisingly works keeping people safe and less reckless as they could be.  It’s easy to pass out in the scorching heat or to get excited and over do it on the consumption of questionable  “choices”, but with this slogan running constantly though everyones minds people don’t faint as much.


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