SEO Blog post

Optimization of your blog is at the upmost of importance because without it your audience can’t find your blog as easily.  The way I like to think of optimization is the perfect way to organize your blog through keywords which your general audience typically searches.  For example, if I owned a Mexican joint and I wanted more impressions I would make my keywords burrito, taco, affordable food.  These words are the ones that I want people to associate with my restaurant and when they look up those words in my area it should make the restaurant website come to the top of their search.  My blog is about the music festival Bonnaroo so the words that I want my audience to associate with are positivity, music, love, and Bonnaroo.  By using those words as my keywords people can find my blog easier by searching them which will ultimately give me more impression, customer, and eventually money.  Another cool thing about optimization is that it’s pay and you play or you don’t have to pay unless someone clicks on your link and goes to your blog.  This eliminates hesitation for starting your account and again allows you to maximize your money to get the most out of keywords.


This image is a great example of what I’m talking about.  Radiate positivity part of the, “Bonnaroo Code” and when someone looks up these keywords they an gain more direct access to quicker because I optimized those words through SEO.

What to bring to Bonnaroo to insure good vibes

You never want to be unprepared.  Sure the Bonnaroo style is to give and to share, but you don’t want to be that person who only takes and never gives.  My first time at Bonnaroo I saw thousands of people camping thousands of different ways and they seemed happy.  Within this post I’m going to explain the DO’s and Do Nots littered in with some of my personal favorites.

  1. The number on this you need to bring with you besides a tent is a canopy In Tennessee it becomes 90 degrees by 830 which makes your tent inhabitable.  If you don’t have the canopy shade you’re going to have a significantly worse experience.
  2. The food vendors at Bonnaroo are all fantastic.  They have every cuisine from middle eastern to just a simple hot pretzel; The only issue with this tasty food is the price.  A grilled cheese sandwich can range from 3-7 dollars and a pizza can be upwards to 15.  Bring your own food! or you will be broke within the first 24 hours.
  3. It’s always fun to play dress up and pretend, that’s why when we’re kids we do it everyday.  At Bonnaroo you can wear literally anything you want with zero judgement from anyone.  Bring your goofy clothes is a key aspect of the Bonnaroo experience.  Wear something you would never wear and dare to be different.  Worst comes to worst it will have made for great people watching.
  4. As juvenile and childish as it seems you want to bring your positive energy.  A big contributing reason why Bonnaroo is so amazing is the energy that people bring and share to other people. When you get love you want to give love and at as big of a scale as Bonnaroo,this becomes a beautiful never ending cycle.  This year Bonnaroo broke the record for most hive fives in a day and thats because of the positive energy you bring with you.