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Optimization of your blog is at the upmost of importance because without it your audience can’t find your blog as easily.  The way I like to think of optimization is the perfect way to organize your blog through keywords which your general audience typically searches.  For example, if I owned a Mexican joint and I wanted more impressions I would make my keywords burrito, taco, affordable food.  These words are the ones that I want people to associate with my restaurant and when they look up those words in my area it should make the restaurant website come to the top of their search.  My blog is about the music festival Bonnaroo so the words that I want my audience to associate with are positivity, music, love, and Bonnaroo.  By using those words as my keywords people can find my blog easier by searching them which will ultimately give me more impression, customer, and eventually money.  Another cool thing about optimization is that it’s pay and you play or you don’t have to pay unless someone clicks on your link and goes to your blog.  This eliminates hesitation for starting your account and again allows you to maximize your money to get the most out of keywords.


This image is a great example of what I’m talking about.  Radiate positivity part of the, “Bonnaroo Code” and when someone looks up these keywords they an gain more direct access to quicker because I optimized those words through SEO.

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